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The most effective vestibular therapy is based upon you, your symptoms and their cause.


Initial assessment

Before your initial consultation at Sense of Balance, it’s helpful to complete a  questionnaire about your dizziness, hearing, balance and other medical conditions.  Bring your questionnaire, a list of current medications, any MRI and CT scans, results of hearing and vestibular function tests, and any other relevant investigations to your initial session.

Your initial assessment involves a thorough evaluation which might include clinical and some occulomotor (eye movement) tests, assessment of your posture, walking, and any compensation strategies.  We sometimes use infrared video goggles to get a clearer assessment of eye movement.

Your initial assessment can take up to 90 minutes.  It’s a long time, so we suggest that you have a friend with you just in case you feel to tired to drive afterwards.

A report from your initial assessment can be sent to you and your GP if you wish.


Treatment program

Using the result of your evaluation, the experienced therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan with you. Sometimes the treatment is immediately effective, and other times will involve a series of specific home exercises.  Treatment may also include increasing activities and exercise in order to strengthen muscles and increase tolerance for certain stimuli.   

Your management program might include:

  • education and printed information about your condition and strategies to increase your safety and independence.
  • personalised printed exercises and activities to be performed at home, work or in hospital
  • regular reviews if needed
  • a written report to your referring practitioner (and others involved your health care)
  • follow up telephone calls
  • home visits when indicated
  • long term self-management strategies for chronic vestibular and balance problems
  • information about support organisations and community resources for people with dizziness, balance disorders, tinnitus, and related hearing problems
  • referral to other health-care professionals or specialist if needed.

Your physiotherapist will discuss what treatment plan is most suitable for you and your problem. 

There will be time to have your questions answered.

Cost of sessions

  • Initial consultation -$130
  • Follow up sessions -$90

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