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Thank you for referring to Sense of Balance, Physiotherapy and Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Sense of Balance is now running vestibular clinics from Mid North Coast Physiotherapy, Urunga (Tuesdays) and Park Beach Physiotherapy (Fridays). Paediatric patients can be referred for vestibular assessment and  management through Awesome Kids, Bellingen.  

Home visits are available if required.          

Who can benefit?  Your patients of any age suffering from:

  • benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (canalithesis or cupulolithiasis)
  • vestibular neuritis or labyrinthitis
  • bilateral vestibular dysfunction (eg: due to ototoxicity)
  • cervicogenic dizziness
  • age-related disequilibrium
  • central disorders, such as: ABI, cerebellar infarction  or degeneration,
  • Parkinson’s Disease, CVA etc
  • vestibular migraine
  • mal de debarquement syndrome
  • pre and post op management for Vestibular Schwannoma, Arnold-Chiari Malformation, Perilyphatic fistula, or Chemoblation for Meniere’s Disease.
  • general balance or gaze stability problems making learning new skills difficult

The personalised and comprehensive rehabilitation service at Sense of Balance includes:

  • A thorough, 60-90 min. initial assessment, with time for questions to be answered. 
  • Oculomotor and dynamic visual acuity tests.  IR video goggles are sometimes used to eliminate fixation entirely and allow for accurate observation of spontaneous nystagmus, head-shaking nystagmus, pressure induced nystagmus, and nystagmus during the Hallpike –Dix and Horizontal SCC tests. The video system also provides a mechanism of recording the examination for later reviews, and can be used for educational purposes.
  • Assessment of gait, balance and posture
  • Customised rehabilitation program based on the diagnosis, the patient’s symptoms, medical conditions, and individual patient goals.
  • Relaxation and stress management strategies 
  • Education for the patient and carers with printed information about their condition
  • Strategies to increase safety and independence, and other exercise based programmes such as progressive resistance training for muscle strengthening.
  • A detailed, written report can be sent to you (the referring practitioner) and your patient. 

For more information on dizziness and balance see our resource page.  We also recommend Dr Timothy Hain’s website as a excellent and well maintained site for GP’s and health professionals.


  • Initial consultation -$115
  • Follow up sessions -$90

Funding options 

  1. Private funding –  a part of these sessions may be claimed under private health insurance if you have appropriate extras cover.  
  2. Medicare CDM/EPC health plan.  Full payment is required at the time of the session.  Sense of Balance does not bulk bill.  
  3. DVA (gold card holders) 
  4. Workcover & TAC

Referrals and health plans can be emailed directly to , or faxed to 02 6638 9618.  

Patients can email or call 0419 944743 to book an appointment.

At Sense of Balance, we look forward to working co-operatively with you to provide quality, caring, effective management for your patients with vestibular and balance problems.  

Sense of Balance, Suzanne Douglas
(BApp Sci (Physio) APAM, Grad Dip Health Ed.)
0419 944 743
ABN: 2213110567     Provider: 2516304K

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