Feeling dizzy or off balance?

Sense of Balance can help.  

We are a Physiotherapy practice, offering an evidence based, integrated approach to the evaluation, treatment and management of patients with vertigo, dizziness and balance problems.           

Principal Physiotherapist, Suzanne Douglas

Suzanne Douglas is a Melbourne trained Physiotherapist (BApp.Sci physio, APAM), with over 30 years of clinical experience, and further training (Grad. Dip.) in Health Education. Since moving to the mid-north coast in 2002, she has developed an interest in balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation. Suzanne successfully completed the internationally accredited, competency based Vestibular Rehabilitation course with vestibular expert Susan Herdman in 2010, advanced vestibular training with the APA, and further Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation with Herdman et al in 2017.               

Suzanne Douglas, Physiotherapist (BApp.Sci physio, APAM), with over 25 years of clinical experience. Since 2002, she has focused on vestibular physiotherapy

Sense of Balance, Suzanne Douglas
(BApp Sci (Physio) APAM, Grad Dip Health Ed.)
0419 944 743
ABN: 2213110567     Provider: 2516304K

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